Innovación Gubernamental de Sonora

In this project I did the Interaction Design, Visual Design, and front-end development for the Office of Governmental Innovation website for the government of Sonora, Mexico.



Oficina de Innovación Gubernamental (The Office of Government Innovation) was created to improve the citizens experience and their relationship with the government. This website was created to be a communication channel between citizens and the government; it was also developed to broadcast new models based on innovation which will add value to government affairs, economic development, and social participation.




The portal includes a discussion forum where citizens can express their concerns and propose innovative ways to go through government processes; a digital news room where citizens can access to multimedia content to know what is happening in terms of innovation in the state government; and finally, a space to expose the methodologies that are being used to take the state of Sonora to the tip of the technological age.


OIG Portal