Researchable Question – Revision #5


How can the design of a collaborative-competitive environment promote physical activity in children (6-9 y/o) with cerebral palsy in the process of learning arithmetic?



– Gamification / social play

– Collaborative-competitive learning

– Arithmetic

– Physical activities


1. How can strategies of interaction engage and reward students with CP in the mastery of concepts of arithmetic?


2. How can the qualities of an interface increase the physical activity of students with the limited mobility resulting from CP?


3. How can a collaborative-competitive approach encourage social play among students whose access to groups is limited by CP?


4. How can the design of a mobile app help teachers and parents of children with cerebral palsy keep track of their status and progress when learning arithmetic?


– The people involved in the child’s development, and their environment.

– The mediation of learning arithmetic

– Fostering of skills, empowerment, and confidence