Researchable Question – Revision #7


How can the interaction design of a collaborative-competitive environment promote physical activity and social play in children (6-9 y/o) with cerebral palsy?



-Gamification / social play

– Collaborative Competitive Environment

– Physical Activities


1. How can strategies of #interaction design engage and reward children with CP to enhance their Physical Activity levels?
—- Strategies of interactions refers to rewards and the game mechanics (the tools used to create the environment)

2. How can the #interactive behaviors of an #interface stimulate Social Interactions and Physical Activity of children with CP?
—- Interactive behaviors refers to social engagement loops (a motivating emotion that leads a player to re-engage with the environment), and game dynamics (how players interact with the experiences in the environment)

3. How can a collaborative-competitive design environment encourage Team Building among children with CP?

—- Collaborative-competitive design environment refers to intergroup competition, where they collaborate with team members (in the same physical space) and compete against other teams (in a remote location)

4. How can the design of a mobile App help teachers and parents of children with cerebral palsy measure progress of their fitness level?
—- The mobile app allows the parents to keep track of the children’s progress to involve them in their development


– The people involved in the child’s development, and their #environment.

– The mediation of facilitating physical activity and social interactions

– Fostering of skills, empowerment, and confidence