Diagrams and lists

I’m still trying to figure out how each stakeholder is related to the objectives I want for the children with CP. This is a “refined version” (although I don’t know if refined is the right word since it looks super messy right now) of the diagram I added in the last post. In this version I created more connections between stakeholders>objectives>strategies>design.

The stakeholders are the participants who are influencing in someway the child’s objectives. The strategies are the actions the stakeholders need to do in order to achieve the objectives. Finally, the design aspects are the ways in which the environment will facilitate the performance of the strategies.
Diagram of the relationship between stakeholders>objectives>strategies>design

I’m also really into collaboration and how it can be combined with competition. In these two pictures I’m mapping out the social experiences one can have through collaboration and competition and I’ve highlighted the ones I found more interesting for my research project.

Mapping Social Experiences through Collaboration

Mapping Social Experiences through Competition