UX Clinic — Sharing Design Expertise With The Community

At the beginning of 2014 I initiated and led the development of the UX Clinic, an effort to share our design expertise with the software development community and train members of the design team at Nearsoft.








The aim is to facilitate the planning, exploration, concept generation, early prototype iteration, evaluation, and refinement of websites and applications submitted to our program through the use of User Experience design tools and methods.

Each edition of the UX Clinic culminates in a 25 minute-long episode via Hangout On Air (HOA). We broadcast our process and recommendations for a new case study every three weeks. In addition, we generate a report as the final outcome of the analysis we make for each episode’s case study.


UX Clinic Process

  1. Open Call For Cases. We receive submissions for participation from potential case studies (can be an App/Website/System)
  2. Case Study Selection. We examine each case study before making a decision, that includes visiting their website, using the app, and having brief interviews with the person that submitted the case.
  3. UX Design Process. We dive deep into the case: research > interpretation > ideation > prototype.
  4. On Air Share Out. The case study joins us for a live broadcast where we share the outcomes and answer questions using Hangouts On Air.
    Report with a Proposal of Design Iteration. We craft a report containing all our insights and recommendations on how to improve the case study’s users’ experience.


This is a video of one of our episodes:



Purpose and Value

Through the UX Clinic process we develop clear recommendations that our case studies can implement on their next design iteration. Our ultimate goal is that the investment of our expertise and time can bring a positive impact to the business objectives of each case study, while improving the overall experience of their users.

In addition to the recommendations we give to our featured case studies, we would like the UX Clinic to be a resource for designers and non-designers getting started using design methods and incorporating users’ input into their design processes. Through the UX Clinic we share our process, the type of design methods we use, and most importantly, how we use those methods and adapt them to each project’s unique characteristics—finally drawing on people’s insights to design for positive experiences with digital platforms and services.

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Download a sample of a full report we generate for each episode: